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Read More Lancashire Police said he was on bail during the trial and had denied 36 separate sex offences - 33 counts of indecent assault, two counts of rape and a single count of attempted rape. He was convicted by a jury and sentenced to the 21-year prison term in his absence. Blacktop was last seen on Manchester's Oxford Road, carrying a green suitcase (Photo: Google Maps) Read More Woman broke child's arm because she'd had a row with her boyfriend Police confirmed Blacktop is now classed as a wanted man and have released his photograph as part of a public appeal for information. Blacktops offending took place in Lancaster and Stockton-on-Tees in the 1960s and 70s, Lancashire Police said. The force said his victims were five young girls who were aged between five and 14 at the time. Its understood that now adults, they gave evidence against him at the trial, reliving their horrific experiences at his hands all over again. Blacktop, of Marine Road West, Morecambe, was sighted walking with a large green suitcase on Oxford Road at 11am on Friday morning. No further details of his movements have been revealed, but its understood that investigating officers are checking CCTV cameras and liaising with Greater Manchester Police detectives. Read More Killer who burned his sister to death is jailed for life A Lancashire Police spokesman said: Blacktop had been staying in Nottingham during the trial and was last seen at Bradford Crown Court at about 2pm on Wednesday. He has since been seen in the Oxford Road area of Manchester at around 11am on Friday.

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[[Manchester Enterprise]

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